5 Reasons Why Waking Up At 5 AM Everyday Is Good For You

5 Reasons Why Waking Up At 5 AM Everyday Is Good For You

Early to bed and early to rise!

We've all heard the saying: Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy, and wise. There must be some truth to this, right? While early snoozers have always claimed that they feel fresh in the morning when they wake up even as early as 5 am, some of us night owls find that hard to believe. But apparently, there are some benefits to waking up early. Power of positivity suggests that a lot of highly successful people wake up at very early hours. So here are some benefits to waking up every day at 5 am. 

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1. You feel confident and motivated

You start the day by getting out of bed ready to take on what lies ahead. From always snoozing your alarm you can change into someone who's out of bed as soon as the first alarm goes off. This feeling of confidence will make you improve your goal-orientation, decision-making skills, and productivity.

2. You sleep better

Sleep is important for your physical and mental well-being. Early risers tend to have better sleep. The act of rising earlier allows your body to use up its energy in the way that it was always meant to. People who wake up early tend to crave sleep at just the right time. Your quality of sleep will also improve and there will be a lot less tossing and turning.

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3. You have time to plan your day

When you wake up early, you have lots of time during the day to catch up on your favorite activities. You can head to stores and restaurants, take a walk and soak up some sunshine or even hit the gym. You can also focus on some quality time with yourself or closed ones. There is enough time to jot down notes and even plan ahead: maybe a trip in the making? Whatever you want to do, you've got a precious gift: time!

4. You bring discipline in your life

Waking up at any time of the day may be a result of a chaotic life. But when you bring some discipline, you'll be able to focus on waking up at one particular time every day. Your body will appreciate it. The more you practice it, the stronger your resolve will get. Discipline is sort of like a muscle – the more you make use of it, the stronger it gets. So get it working!

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5. You'll have a schedule

According to the outlet, Circadian Rhythm is a term that "refers to the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. When you don’t have a regular sleeping schedule and wake or sleep whenever you like, your body is unable to keep that rhythm going. This cycle means you can feel tired at odd times, or have difficulty falling in or out of sleep." Once you plan your day and have a routine incorporated into your life you'll be able to work on your sleep-wake cycle. Once it is consistent your body can use this to only get stronger. If you want to incorporate exercise in your life, an early morning work out can do wonders. You'll feel fresh and charged to take on the day! Now that's something we can get by! So go ahead and seize the day.... starting at 5 am of course.

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