Gerard Butler Celebrates His 50th Birthday By Releasing Sea Turtles Into The Ocean

Gerard Butler Celebrates His 50th Birthday By Releasing Sea Turtles Into The Ocean

His birthday bash took place in Costa Rica and was themed around the environment and spirituality.

Gerard Butler celebrated his 50th birthday in style. But it was unlike any other celebrity birthday you have come across. To mark this momentous occasion, which was in November 2019, just before the pandemic hit, he had a very thoughtful birthday bash planned. The actor, who played the Spartan warrior Leonidas in 300, spent this milestone birthday doing "environmental things," according to the Daily Mail. Not only was it environmentally themed, but it was also "spiritual" and "powerful." He only just recently shared with the rest of the world about how he celebrated his birthday. Away from the public eye.




Speaking to Total Film Magazine, Butler said,  "I'm not a birthday party guy. I've often, on my birthday, at 7 PM, said, "okay, let's have dinner". And everybody is told with 15 minutes to spare. But this time, I actually did a big event in Costa Rica and brought loads of friends down." He continued, "And it was very, very powerful. We brought down a lot of spiritual people, a lot of performers. We did a lot of environmental stuff, like releasing sea turtles out into the ocean. It was such a mix of so many things, I'm so glad I did it." The actor is now 51.




While in the tropical country of Costa Rica, Butler also participated in an event called Envision Festival, reported ET Canada. The event describes itself as “inspired by and inspiring the positive collective consciousness of all who are involved for the betterment of ourselves and of the planet.” Keeping up the theme of spirituality and togetherness, Butler was at the event which seeks to bring people together “through music, art, and sacred movement in one of the most gorgeous natural settings on the planet” to “recharge and revitalize our souls to help us both handle the challenges and realize the opportunities of our rapidly changing world.” A rugged-looking Butler joined the co-founder of Envision, Stephen Brooks, in a video where he praised the event for "having incredible energy." The Scot even described the event as a “mini Burning Man but it feels a little less crazy and a little more spiritual.” 



Last year, the P.S. I Love You star broke up with Morgan Brown, his girlfriend of seven years. An insider told Us Weekly that Butler and Brown were “both handling the breakup with maturity.” The two seemed to have called it quits because Butler “couldn’t fully settle down with Morgan and commit.” The two had earlier in 2020 rung in the new year together by traveling to India. According to The Times of India, the couple visited the holy city of Varanasi and explored the ghats, visited an ashram, as well as a yoga retreat in the city. 




Avinav Peshwani, a hotelier and also a member of the Aghor Foundation that Butler visited, interacted with the actor and said, “I met Gerard and Morgan at the ashram of the foundation at Samne Ghat and also later at Dashshwamedh Ghat, where he shared his experience about India and Varanasi which he had also visited ten years ago. He told me that India is his favorite destination and Varanasi among his most loved places." This was definitely not his first visit to the country and he had been to Varanasi 10 years ago and attended the Ganga aarti as well as attended the Dalai Lama’s keynote speech on "An Overview of Tibetan Buddhism and growth of great master Tsongkahap" at Gaden Lachi, in the southern state of Karnataka, reported Travel Triangle.



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