Heart-Shaped Succulents Exist And They Grow Right Off The Ground

Heart-Shaped Succulents Exist And They Grow Right Off The Ground

The succulent is chalky green with dark green freckle-like dots and bears bright yellow or reddish-orange flowers. It is also known as 'living pebble'

Succulents are the best place to start the journey to becoming a plant parent. Not only are they cute and low-maintenance, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. You can make any room look straight out of Pinterest with a few succulents placed in it. With the year we have had, all of us could use a bit of indulging to remind us to appreciate the small things in life. There is no better way to do that than getting these adorable heart-shaped succulents. Seeing a heart will surely bring a smile to your face not to mention the decorative value it will add to your home. 






The heart succulent, which is also known as Conophytum bilobum, will have you adoring your garden much more than usual. It is amazing how diverse nature is and how unique each and every plant we come across is. This succulent has two bulbous lobes extending from a tapering body that very much resembles a heart. It does not have a stem and the succulent grows right off the ground looking like a heart. It is also commonly known as "living pebble." The succulent is chalky green and has dark green freckle-like dots. They are actually adorable in every way.






If these succulents have not already stolen your heart, then there is still more to them. These plants also bear flowers that look stunning when in bloom. The flowers are usually a bright yellow or reddish-orange color and you will have to wait till fall to see them sprout, according to House Beautiful. The body of the succulent itself grows up to 3 inches in height and up to 1.2 inches wide. The flowers, on the other hand, grow up to at least 1 inch in diameter. Although the leaves look smooth and waxy, they are actually harsh when you touch them. 






Like many other succulents, the living pebble succulents practically take care of themselves. But for them to thrive in your care, there are a few things you should do. World of Succulents suggests not leaving the succulent in direct sunlight. You may have assumed all succulents prefer harsh sunlight but not this one. It could actually get a sunburn just like you and me. It would be best to leave the succulent in full sun during the cooler hours of the day. Make sure it is only for a few hours at a time. They generally do well in temperatures between 35 to 50-degree Fahrenheit.






The plant is native to South Africa and prefers well-drained soil. The succulent goes dormant in spring and then they don't even require watering. On the other hand, during the fall they will need regular watering. Make sure to use a commercial soil mix specifically made for succulents. That way they won't even need a lot of fertilizer. You will have to use fertilizer only if you re-pot the succulent. It will actually benefit a lot from the repotting and it is best done every two years. This will also depend on the growth rate at which the heart grows in the pot. 






You can either grow these plants from scratch or just buy them already potted. They can be grown from seeds or propagated through division. You can get a pack of 10 seeds here. Or you can get it from Amazon as well.





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