Woman Gets Her Cat Tattooed And It Looks Really Painful

Woman Gets Her Cat Tattooed And It Looks Really Painful

"This cat's life is better than yours. Maybe it is hell for you, but he feels just fine," Elena Ivanickaya had said in response to the criticism for tattooing her cat.

Pets make for great companions and go onto become like a member of our family. We love them just as much as we would any other human. We may talk to them, buy them clothes and toys, much like we would for kids in our family. But we still have to remember that they are animals who live differently than us. The same rules that work for us will not hold true for them mostly because they can't express their consent as we do. The relationship we share with them is non-verbal and these animals trust us not to hurt them. But sometimes some humans disregard this to do whatever they feel like.


Netizens came across one such person who had her hairless cat tattooed. The Ukrainian Instagram influencer, Elena Ivanickaya, came under fire after she posted on her stories, images of getting her cat tattooed. This incident took place in 2017 when animal lovers were taken aback to see the cat lying unconscious as a tattoo artist inked the image of a Winged Anubis, an Egyptian God, on the feline's chest. They called Ivanickaya an animal abuser and even notified local authorities, according to a report by The Sun. Police spokesman Natalia Chovpylo had even stated, "If we establish that the animal was tortured, we will open a criminal case."



UAnimals, the largest animal rights group in Ukraine, had posted, "The cat's owner thought it fun to give her pet cat a tattoo. Unfortunately, the cat spent the worst hours of his life. It is impossible even to look at these photos!" The image of the tattooed cat resurfaced on her Instagram page recently. Ivanickaya uploaded a picture of her cat saying, The haters missed Yasha. The criticism flooded in again as people pointed again how tattooing a cat qualifies as animal abuse. The trend of getting hairless cats or Sphynx cats tattooed has caught on recently, especially in Russia.





According to Pet Helpful, tattooing cats or even animals, in general, will be a painful and confusing experience for them. The hairless cats are anesthetized. "The dazed cat is an unwilling participant in this procedure. When it wakes up, it surely is in pain and confused," the page states. It suggests that getting pets tattooed is a vanity project for the humans who own them, thinking of these helpless animals as their property, and subjecting them to unnecessary torture. When this was pointed out by Instagrammers to Ivanickaya, she was taken aback and lashed out saying her cat leads a better life than all of them.



She responded to the criticism at the time by saying,  "This cat's life is better than yours. Maybe it is hell for you, but he feels just fine. He has not been castrated and he never will be, this would be real cruelty." Ivanickaya added, "I checked with the vet before getting him a tattoo and they were fine with it and a vet was present while they were doing the tattoo, so everything was under control." She went on to defend her actions by stating, "The cat is treated with love and care... he is very smart and enjoys his happy life. The tattoo was made on the upper layer of skin. Only 1-2 millimeters, he did not feel any pain. Right after the procedure he behaved normally and started to go on with his normal routine."



She is subject to criticism yet again after posting pictures of her tattooed cat. The "spoiled" cat even has his own Instagram page with over 5,000 followers which has now been made private. Instagram users said, “Animal abuse isn't something to be proud of. You want a tattoo, then do it on your skin, not on your cat. Another user stated, "If this is real you should be ashamed of yourself. This is animal abuse and you are seriously messed up in the head ... you sick sick person.”




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