Mom Abandons 6-Year-Old Daughter On Busy Street And Drives Away With Boyfriend

Mom Abandons 6-Year-Old Daughter On Busy Street And Drives Away With Boyfriend

Patrice Chambers, 29, threw a garbage bag with her daughter's clothes through the window and told investigators she frustrated with the little girl.

A cruel mother abandoned her six-year-old daughter on the side of the busy Queens intersection in New York. She stopped her car and ordered her daughter to get out. She then threw a garbage bag with the little girl's clothes through the window before driving off with her boyfriend. The incident occurred near 140th Avenue and Springfield Boulevard just before noon at around 11:30 a.m and was captured on a security camera. The terrified girl could be seen scrambling for her clothes that had fallen out at the busy intersection of the four-lane road, a place not safe for a child to be wandering by herself.  




The mother, Patrice Chambers, 29, had allegedly left a voicemail with the girl's biological father saying, “You better come get your daughter…she is crying like a little b****,” before leaving her at the intersection, which was close to the father's house, reported NY Post. Chambers' boyfriend, Mark Pamphile, 28, had also allegedly left another message with the father, demanding $200 from him. He threatened to leave his daughter on the street if he didn't. Shortly after, the child was left behind on the busy street as her mother, who was behind the wheel, drove away. 




It was a good Samaritan who came to the little girl's rescue. Mishka Peart noticed the child with a surgical mask on her face and garbage bags in her hands wandering near the intersection. Speaking to NY Daily News Peart recounted her interaction with the girl who identified herself as Emma. “I asked her where she was going and she said, ‘I don’t know.’ I said, ‘Where are your parents?’” “I don’t know,” the girl answered. “They drove off and left me.” Peart took matters into her own hands and informed a pair of school safety agents near Montbellier Park about the incident. The matter was taken up by officers from the 105th Precinct, and a police investigation began.




Emma's biological father, Kermit Watson, 52, was contacted by the police after Chambers had accused him of turning them away earlier in the morning. Watson denied this ever happened and said he was actually waiting for Chambers and Pamphile to show up but they never did. He even showed the police his doorbell video from his landlord to back up his statement. When the mother was confronted with the heartbreaking footage, she told investigators that she was frustrated with the little girl. Chambers and her boyfriend were arrested and charged with child endangerment and could see up to four years in prison. Emma is now in the custody of child protective services.




Sam Chafee, spokesperson for Administration for Children’s Services stated, “Our top priority is protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children in New York City. We are investigating this case with the NYPD." Peart was glad she was there to help Emma. “She was very emotional and she was just scared,” Peart told CBS Local about finding and rescuing the girl. “Anyone else could have picked her up. She could have been abused. She could have been killed. I can’t imagine someone could do that to a child, let alone their own child.”




She added, “There’s options out there for parents who get to that point that they no longer want custody of their children or they no longer want the responsibility of their children. Even with what happened yesterday, maybe she could have taken her to a precinct or a police station or something where she would have at least been safe. I would say seek out those options first before like thinking of last resort abandoning your child and ending up in prison for it.”




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