Pack Of Blue Dogs Apparently Changed Color Due To Pollution

Pack Of Blue Dogs Apparently Changed Color Due To Pollution

The dogs were spotted by residents of Dzerzhinsk, located in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod region. The dogs will now be taken in for a medical examination.

A pack of stray dogs has caught the attention of the internet. This is because the dogs are an unnatural blue color. This color change is believed to be due to pollution and people have expressed concern about the health of stray dogs. The picture was captured by a resident in Dzerzhinsk, located in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod region. While this could have easily been an internet hoax, it is most definitely not. The dogs' fur is actually a bright blue color. It could be due to the chemical waste from an abandoned factory that was close to where the dogs were found.




After the pictures surfaced on the internet, local authorities took note and are on their way to get the dogs checked, reported the Daily Mail. The pictures were taken near the Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo plant, which was once a large chemical production facility making hydrocyanic acid and plexiglass. The plant was closed down six years ago due to financial problems. The locals who took the pictures believe the dogs could have picked up the blue color from the factory. But the bankruptcy manager of the plant, Andrey Mislivets, has not only denied the authenticity of the images but has also gone on to say that this was probably just a prank.




"Possibly they found the remains of some old chemicals and rolled in it, and possibly it was copper sulfate," Mislivets stated. "Several years ago something similar happened when stray dogs got unnatural 'dyes.' They must have found something. No one controls them." He even added that there was nothing the factory plant could have done to prevent this or to ensure the capture and sterilization of animals. The authorities in Dzerzhinsk city are now seeking permission to go onto private land to catch and check the polluted dogs at the Soviet-era facility. 


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If the substance on the dogs is copper sulfate, it can cause a burning or stinging sensation. This could further lead to itching or inflammation. A government spokesperson stated, "Talks are being held with the chiefs of the enterprise about the possibility of catching the dogs. They must be checked, their health must be assessed, and the reason for their hair dye must be found." Animal rights activists, however, believe that the dogs are fine and there is no grave danger to their health, The Moscow Times reported. “According to preliminary visual inspection, the dogs are in satisfactory condition. Tomorrow, specialists will enter the chemical factory grounds and find and examine the animals,” the city administration stated.


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A similar case of blue dogs was reported in the Indian city of Mumbai a few years ago. It was initially believed that the dogs' fur had changed color due to the side effects of pollution. But it was only after close investigation, that it was found that these dogs would regularly play in a drainage ditch that flowed from a dye company, which would release products there, that then joined the river, reported The New York Times. The coloring used for clothing was what had stained the dogs’ fur as well. And during the monsoon rains, the dogs' fur was washed off the blue dye. The community rallied behind the dogs to ensure that they were not harmed adversely from the dye.



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