Pick One These Butterflies To See What It Says About Your Personality

Pick One These Butterflies To See What It Says About Your Personality

The metamorphosis a butterfly goes through depicts the different stages a person goes through in life

Butterflies tend to represent happiness and freedom. It symbolizes change. Butterflies have a very close relationship with psychology. The terms psychology, psychedelic, and psycho themselves are derived from the Greek word "psyche" which was used, not only used to refer to the human spirit or soul but is also the word for butterfly.  Just as a caterpillar emerges from its pupa to transform into a magnificent butterfly, so do humans who change as they grow older.

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In fact, the inkblot butterfly personality test or the Rorschach butterfly is a very popular way to get a peek into the inner workings of a person's mind. This test, however, is very different from the Rorschach inkblot test. This is more colorful, which in turn, will also have an impact on how you perceive it and what it says about you. Take a look at this picture and see which butterfly you are drawn to first. Once you've picked one, read on to see what it reveals about your personality.

The butterfly you pick will reveal a lot about you


1. Unpretentious



If you chose this butterfly, it means you are a person who likes to live an unpretentious and simple life. You have an appreciation for the small things that bring you joy. A minimalistic lifestyle is what you aspire to lead. You live life intentionally and without complicating things for yourself. This applies to all aspects of your life from relationships to things you spend money on. You don't like clutter that would upset your peace of mind. Therefore, you are very neat and tidy with your surroundings. You keep your emotions in check and have a positive approach to life. 

2. Fearless




Picking this butterfly means you are a fearless person. You have great courage and the willpower to go with it to face any type of challenge thrown at you. You don't back down easily and make sure you see a difficult situation through, instead of running away from your problems. This is something people in your life greatly admire and look up to you for. You are an inspiring person and along with your dynamic personality, have a large presence. But you are also just as warm and friendly which makes people like you even more. You are a strong believer in treating people the way you want to be treated and expect the same from others. 

3. Calm



If this butterfly caught your attention, it could mean that you are a very calm and composed person. You don't let overwhelming situations get the better of you and you try to work through them at a pace that works for you. You also like to be in the company of people who match your wavelength because you like the serenity their company brings to you. You are most likely a quiet person but have no problem befriending people who find the stillness in you, alluring. On the other hand, you like nothing more than having alone time as often as possible, which is when you recharge and reflect. 

4. Generous 




Picking this butterfly means you are likely a generous person. Generous in terms of the love you have to give, the time you set aside to spend with your loved ones, as well as the patience you have in various situations. You are grounded in a close-knit group whom you trust and respect. You make sure all your relationships are based on honesty and integrity. When you don't see this being replicated and your patience has run out, you generally take a step back go back into your comfort zone. This way you can always have control over the situation. You always play the mediator while trying to sort out issues and never take sides. This is why people think you are a reliable person as well.

5. Cheerful



If your eyes spotted this butterfly, you are likely to be a cheerful person who has a positive outlook on life inspiring people everywhere you go. You can get along with anyone and you can do this by staying true to yourself. Irrespective of the circumstances, you do not change just to fit in and please people. You have a creative side to you that you don't explore enough. But you make sure to give it your all when you do. Your imagination runs wild and unique. You always find a way to appreciate the best in everyone and everything around you. You are the go-to person for your loved ones to confide in thanks to your warm and welcoming personality.

6. Laidback



If your eyes first went to this butterfly first, it probably means you're a relaxed and easy-going person. You don't like drama and like to keep things real with the people you love and care about. You tend to rely on your gut feeling and intuition when it comes to making decisions irrespective of it being small matters or really important ones. When the going gets tough, this has come in handy for you. This also helps you take care of others who may need you. People tend to turn to you for help because they know you will be there for them. You appreciate the importance of self-care especially when you spend a lot of energy on others. You speak from your heart and people appreciate what you have to say.

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