The First Animal You See Says A Lot About Your Personality

The First Animal You See Says A Lot About Your Personality

This could help bring to the forefront a part of your personality that you did not even know existed.

Our personality is formed from our lived experiences and is, to a great extent, determined by the external factors we are surrounded by. It continues to evolve over time depending on what we go through and we may not be the same person we are a few years ago. Taking personality tests can help bring to the forefront a part of your personality that you did not even know existed. For instance, the first animal you see in the picture below could be telling of the type of person you actually are. There are nine animals. What animal do you see as soon as you look at it?


Which animal do you see?


Depending on what you see, this is what it says about your personality.

1. An eagle


An eagle


The eagle is a majestic and elegant bird that flies high. If this is the first thing you noticed in the picture, it means that you probably have a clear sight of your goals and are focused to achieve them. You are deliberate in your approach to working towards your goal, taking in the pros and cons so you don't leave anything to chance. You are confident in your own skin and carry yourself with dignity. You do not indulge in petty drama. Exploring the unknown does not scare you, especially if you think it will take you to great heights.

2. A butterfly


A butterfly


If you noticed a butterfly first it means you have a good grasp of the duality of life. The butterfly is a fragile insect that also represents beauty. This was, however, possible only after being confined in the dark and hardened cocoon. That is a life lesson in itself. You also acknowledge that to get to a place of beauty, you have to go through a period of strife. And as a person, you hold this duality in your being as well. You may be a gentle person on the outside but on the inside, there is a storm of indomitable spirit that helps you cope with difficult times.

3. A dog


A dog


Dogs are known to be man's best friends. Loyal in nature, full of energy, they entrust their life to you and would love you selflessly. Much like the spirit of a dog, you too make a loyal and trustworthy friend who would do anything for a person they love. You do everything from your heart and are never attached to the outcome because you know you did your best. While you know how to keep it real, you are also fun to be around and are full of energy. You know when it is time to work and when it is time to relax.

4. A mantis


A mantis


If you noticed a mantis among all the other animals, then you are probably what people refer to as a "silent killer." Mantises have a brilliant skill of preying. They will stay still for hours at a time to perfectly capture their prey. They have exceptional skill in this way. You too, like a mantis, work hard in silence. People will overlook your presence and may even take you for granted. But when the time comes, you will emerge and wow everyone with your capabilities.

5. A crab


A crab


Crabs have a strong exoskeleton that keeps them safe. But their life is not easy at all. They have to work against the forces of nature to survive. But they use their vibrant color, unique patterns on their body to camouflage effectively from their predators and for preying as well. If a crab is what you first noticed then you are also a hard worker who takes things in stride. You are street smart and clever. You may seem like a difficult person on the outside but only those who are truly close to you, know that you are soft, looking for love and affection. 

6. A wolf


A wolf


The wolf already has significance in spirituality as a guide. The wolf is known to hunt in packs, where it finds its strength but it is not helpless even when it is by itself. Wolves are known for their loyalty and fierceness. If you spotted a wolf, then chances are very protective of your loved ones and would not let them get in harm's way under any circumstances. When you are passionate about something you will ensure to pursue it with great determination. You also do not bow down to social norms and make your own rules that you live by. There is an adventurous spirit in you that you indulge from time to time.

7. A horse


A horse


Horses are elegant and regal animals. They are at their best running free and wild, untethered. If the horse is what caught your eye, you are very much like the horse with a wild spirit that wants to run free. But when it comes to lending a hand to someone in need, you will do anything in your power to make it happen. Your free spirit makes you someone everybody loves being around. You bring with you a sense of calm and help spread cheer wherever you go. Even though you value your freedom more than anything, if it really comes down to it, you will not hesitate to put your loved ones before yourself.

8. A rooster


A rooster


If you noticed the rooster first, chances are you are a skilled individual who is exceptionally smart and witty as well. A rooster is quick in its responses and finds a way to fly away from its annoyances. It also has the skill to navigate through the tricky terrains of Earth. Just like the rooster, you use your quick wit to navigate out of tricky situations. Even as people try to pull you down, you find ways to make it through. You are not afraid of putting yourself in a difficult situation because you know for a fact that you can make it out unscathed. You have the makings of a fierce leader who is unafraid to take a stand and speak what is on your mind.

9. A dove


A dove


The dove is a symbol of peace. It is a misunderstood creature who is thought of being a weak bird. The stunning bird actually has a lot of strength that allows it to fly across great distances and even other countries. If a dove is what you spotted first then very much like the bird you are a tough cookie. You can make it through difficult situations with a sense of dignity and your head held high. Petty squabbles do not interest you and you would much rather direct your energy to community-building activities.  

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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