The First Animal You Spot Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

The First Animal You Spot Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Your mind will try to find meaning in images where you thought there was none, which could say a lot about the type of person you are.

Our mind holds a lot of our personality hidden even from us. But when exposed to an eclectic illustration our mind will try to find meaning in it where we thought there was none. By doing so, it looks for things that your mind is most comfortable with. What your mind latched onto first could reveal a lot about you as a person. For instance, take a look at the picture below.

What is the first animal that catches your eye?

What is the first animal you see?


Now depending on what you saw first, this is what it reveals about you.

1. Koala Bear


Koala Bear


If the koala bear is what you spotted first it probably means that you are a very cheerful person. Your energy is very contagious and you always manage to lift the spirit of any room you walk into. People love spending time with you since they find your company enjoyable. You manage to find the beauty and happiness in the small things. It is in your nature to pursue the things that bring you joy. You are a gentle and kind person who does not judge others. This just makes you that much more likable by everyone. In a relationship, you are a loving and caring partner.

2. Giraffe




If you spotted a giraffe first, you are most likely a very spiritual person with a tendency to lead a simple life. You know to prioritize what matters and as a result, you never hold back when it comes to pursuing your dreams and ambitions. You have big goals but you also know to stay grounded when reaching for great heights. You have a creative mind that lets you think of extraordinary ideas at the drop of a hat. You are also not picky when it comes to interacting with people and always do so with an open mind and heart. You blend into all types of crowds making it easy for people to get to know you.

3. Elephant




Spotting the elephant first indicates that you are probably a person who lives life king-size. But at the same time, you also possess a certain dignity and humility with which you carry yourself. This means you would make a great leader who is not only known to have a larger than life personality but also a very gentle side. You are caring and protective of those you care about. You do not hold grudges and tend to forgive easily, but you never forget. You realize your strengths and make sure to put them to the best use. 

4. Pig




If you saw a pig first, then it would mean that you are a very misunderstood person. You have a clear idea of what you want and will do anything to achieve it. In the process, you may cause a misunderstanding with those around you without meaning to. Your determination makes you unaware of things around you but you never do anything that would hurt anyone. You are smart and quick-witted. You also stop and try to learn from your mistakes and do better. You also have a way of adapting to every situation in the best way possible.

5. Duck




Spotting a duck first could mean that you are a person who is calm and poised on the outside but always thinking about a lot of things on the inside. You have a flair for solving problems with the most well-thought-of solution thanks to all the observations you make silently. You tend to keep to yourself and are usually a very quiet person who only shares an opinion when it matters. Although you may seem self-absorbed, you are actually a very caring person who looks after those you love in your own subtle ways.

6. Cat




If you spotted a cat first, you are probably the type of person who enjoys their own company. You know ways to survive and make it through adverse situations with no problem. Even though you like to keep to yourself at the cost of being misunderstood by others, you don't actually care about what others have to say. Your loved ones know that you mean well and that's all that matters to you. You are always working on yourself to get better and stay focused on your goal. 

7. Owl




As someone who spotted an owl, you are likely the type of person that everyone comes to for advice. You have a way of knowing the right thing to say to people, drawing from your own experiences and your general intellect. You are smart enough to know that you can't please everyone and are unapologetically you. There is no lie that can get past you and this makes you someone not to be messed with. You use this to help your loved ones as well. You are a kind person who always knows what battles are worth fighting. 

8. Bear




If you saw a bear first, it could mean that you are a very caring and protective person by nature. You have great will power and can fight fiercely for something you believe in. While you like to mind your business, for the most part, you also know you possess a certain power that you can display whenever you want. And you will do it if it means protecting your loved ones. You keep your insecurities to yourself and work on them because you feel like you burden others by sharing them. You are very self-aware and always work on becoming a better version of yourself. 

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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