This Is What the Shape of Your Fingernail Reveals About Your Personality

This Is What the Shape of Your Fingernail Reveals About Your Personality

Your personality seeps into every part of your being, so it is not surprising that your fingernails have a lot to reveal about the type of person you are.

A person's personality seeps into every part of their being. This includes but is not limited to how you carry yourself but also other aspects of you that you have no control over. Something as simple as how you cross your fingers, the shape of your hand, and even the alignment of the central lines of one's middle finger and the index fingers can say a lot about you as a person. When the lines of your palm have a lot to say about you, it wouldn't be surprising that your fingernails have a lot to reveal about the type of person you are as well.


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Take a look at your fingers and find out what shape they are. Their natural shape can say a lot about your personality. 

1. Broad rectangle


Broad rectangle


If you have nails that are rectangular and broad, you are probably a person who thinks a lot. You are analytical in your approach to any given situation and do not want to miss anything that could go awry. When the going gets tough, you are the type of person who does not let the pressure get to you. This is why people tend to look up to you in a trying situation. Your clear judgemental skills and calm approach makes you the go-to person for someone in a fix. You like to put in an effort to build things that you will hold value for, especially if it is essential to you. Aesthetics don't matter to you but you wouldn't mind it anyway.

2. Tall rectangle


Tall rectangle


If your fingernails are long and rectangular, then you are probably the type of person who likes to socialize and is a very charming person in these social situations. You are easy to befriend and talk to. You are always seeking adventure and novelty. Whether it is in the form of experiences or even from the people you meet, you always like to be surprised. In your quest for the next amazing thing, you never compromise on the quality of your interactions. Despite seeming capricious, you are a careful thinker who likes to approach matters from all perspectives before making a decision. You like to have control of every situation you are in, even if it's a new exciting experience. 

3. Square




If your nails are square, you are a serious type of person who may come across as standoffish. You do not want to blend into the crowd and want to leave a unique impression on everyone you come across. You want to be recognized for your skills and talents without having to become a yes-person. You can seem reserved but also have the qualities that will make you a great leader. You may not have much to say but when you do, it always adds to the conversation. Even though people don't take the time to get to know you, that never stops you from being there for anyone who needs your help. You can take charge and lead people out of a tough spot.

4. Oval




If you have almond-shaped oval nails, you are probably a very happy-go-lucky person. You find joy in the simple things that life has to offer and are very down to earth. You are very protective of your loved ones and have the qualities of a great friend. You are dependable, loyal, and honest. You will do anything to protect those you care about. Perseverance is your strongest trait but it goes hand-in-hand with your sensitive nature. You can take criticism to heart but this soft side of you is something only the closest people in your life know about.

5. Round




If your fingernails are round, you are likely a creative person with a flair for the dramatic. You have a voice that you want people to hear because you truly believe you have something worth saying. The admiration you get is something you thrive on. You are outgoing by nature and your bright personality makes you the type of person that attracts a lot of people. You may have a lot of acquaintances but you are very picky when it comes to choosing close friends. These are the only people you share all your highs and lows with. And you expect them to be as loyal to you as you are to them.

6. Triangle




If you have triangular fingernails, you are probably a person with a gentle soul. You may have been described as an elegant person by people who know you. You have a refined taste in all matters and may even come across as a soft person. But that does not mean you let people walk all over you. You are not a meek person. You know exactly what you want, how to get it, and you go about taking action to make it happen. You have a passion that may not seem obvious but keeps you going through tough obstacles. You also believe that actions speak louder than words.

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