Woman Called "Sidewalk Susan" Sprayed Off Child's Chalk Art As She Broke Down In Tears

Woman Called "Sidewalk Susan" Sprayed Off Child's Chalk Art As She Broke Down In Tears

The heartless woman had been targeting the family for a while and this time, she came down from her house, armed with a water hose, to wash away the child's doodles.

It takes a special type of person to sap the joy out of the world. When the rest of the world is just going about their lives, there is this brand of privileged White women who can't seem to stand this. And know just how to ruin it. They go by the label "Karen" and you can find them being racist in public places where people of color are just doing their thing. There are different types of Karens; the ones who would like to "speak to the manager," the one's who say, "go back to where you came from," and a new type who hoses off children's drawings from sidewalks.




The type of Karen who would destroy the adorable chalk doodles was christened "Sidewalk Susan" by social media users after coming across this particular video titled "A Karen at her finest destroying a child's chalk work." The video was shared on Reddit, aptly under the Entitled B**** subreddit. In the video, a little girl is weeping, as Sidewalk Susan, in an all-black track pants attire, is washing off what was previously the girl's chalk doodles. She was being recorded by her mother, presumably, who while trying to console her daughter is also furious with the older woman who seems immune to the cries of the child.




"I hope you’re proud of yourself," the mother can be heard asking the elderly White woman. In response to this, she says that the drawings would be wiped off when it rained anyway. The child can be heard wailing in the background as the water from the hose clears off the last of the chalk art that was left. To this, the mother retorts by saying, "So when it rains it rains." The cruel charade continues as Sidewalk Susan says, "We don’t want to have to look down at this mess." Using the same sort of logic, the mother replies, "Then don't look at the mess." A simple solution to Susan's made-up problem.




To be clear, the child was in no way trespassing onto the private property of the White lady and neither was she vandalizing anything that belonged to her. The way Susan behaved, one would think the little girl had spray painted the inside of her house. The mother shared the incident on Facebook explaining how Susan had stared them down from her balcony before coming down, armed with a water hose, to clear off the chalk doodles. After washing away the cute art that would have brought a smile to anyone else's face, she ran home and locked the door. The mother, who was not identified, was even considering filing charges against the White woman. This was shared by a friend of the victims on Imgur.


Source: Imgur


She went on to explain in the comments of her post that when there were other kids who drew with chalks and she did not have a problem with that. But when it came to her child, in particular, she went the extra mile to ruin her day. User The_Biggest_Pickle on Reddit wrote, Seriously, another kid went out and played with chalk and he didn't get the same treatment? The woman's yelling at the daughter to shut up? I can't imagine how mad the mom is. Plus it shows why she's recording. Woman's been f***ng with them for a while, and she wanted proof she and her children were being harassed. If I lived nearby and there wasn't a pandemic I would crowdsource a group of people to come do the entire parking lot at like 5 in the morning. F** this woman. Users also noted how the little girl looked biracial and Susan's motivations could have been racist all along. The video even made onto Twitter where this Karen's name, was coined by a Twitter user, tash.0.


Source: Reddit

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