You Can Now Go Bowling At An Underwater Aquarium With Sea Turtles And Sharks

You Can Now Go Bowling At An Underwater Aquarium With Sea Turtles And Sharks

Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl and Grill has a restaurant, bar, and a 12-lane bowling alley with themed lighting and underwater aesthetics.

If you have always wanted to go deep-sea diving but happen to be afraid of the water or just don't live anywhere close to the ocean, there is an almost equivalent alternative for you. Additionally, you won't have to bring a change of clothes or pack a lunch for you and the family. And if you have ever wondered what it would be like for Ariel and her friends to hang out underwater, now you can see for yourself. But get ready to have your jaws on the floor because this place in Bridgeport, Connecticut has a restaurant, bar, and a 12-lane bowling alley, and it is all underwater.


At least that is what it looks like thanks to the uber-realistic decor at Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl and Grill. According to Timeout, this will be the ultimate family hang out spot because you get the best of all the worlds. It is filled to the brim with charm and themed lighting, aesthetic backdrops, custom bowling balls that look like an octopus or mermaid, and even wooden lanes with faux sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, and other underwater creatures. On the roof, you will find other great beings of the deep sea floating in the air. It will make you feel like you are bowling on the ocean floor.




Once the pandemic passes and you slowly start to venture into the great outdoors, this place should definitely be on your list. As of now, the restaurant has been temporarily closed keeping in mind public health safety. The reopening dates have not yet been confirmed but when it does, you should know these details so you show up completely prepared. You can bowl from Monday to Friday (11 am–5 pm at $25/hour per lane). It is also available from Sunday – Thursday after 5 pm ($30/hr per lane) and Fri 5 pm–Sunday until 5 pm ($35/hr per lane) (at the time of publication, prices may vary.)




If bowling is not really your thing, there is also an arcade that was recently installed. Uncle Buck's general manager Kyle Holdorf told Des Moines Register, that the arcade will be set-up in the former dining area and will feature nearly 50 gaming machines. "A lot of the stuff you would expect in an arcade, we'll be featuring," Holdorf said. The machines will include games like Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park, and Halo. It will also feature classic arcade games like basketball shooting machines and skee ball. The arcade will run on a card-based system and will feature a redemption counter with prizes as well.




In addition to the Connecticut branch of the restaurant, it is also situated in Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, and Tsawwassen in Canada. After a fun time playing, you can head to get some grub to the restaurant. The description on their site reads: Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl and Grill feature a truly unique atmosphere and design geared for family fun and dining. Casual family dining is available in the Grill where you can select from a menu featuring a variety of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and burgers. The adults can even head out to the island-themed bar for a quick drink where you can get the "experience of feeling like they are underwater exploring the skeletal remains of a sunken ship." 




Additionally, the website states: A host of exotic fish swim in and around the wreck while Dorado and Sharks, suspended from the ceiling, appear to swim overhead.  The bar features a huge saltwater aquarium with scores of beautiful, tropical fish.  It is elevated to provide views of the bowling action while serving up your favorite refreshment.



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