You Can Now Pedal Through A Gorgeous Nature Preserve On A Converted Rail Trail In New Jersey

You Can Now Pedal Through A Gorgeous Nature Preserve On A Converted Rail Trail In New Jersey

Revolution Rail is back for a whole season in April 2021 for a rail biking experience that will be unforgettable.

With 2020 being a year of social distancing and staying in the safety of your home, 2021 looks more promising. Thankfully vaccines are here and we can probably make the best out of what will be left of this year. 

Come April, get ready to welcome spring with your loved ones on the scenic rail route of Cape May, New Jersey. But there won't be a train taking you around, you'll be biking in style as you take in the fresh outdoor air. However, this won't be your two-wheeled biker. Instead, you will be rail biking through these routes for an unforgettable experience.



Revolution Rail is back with rail biking in New Jersey. So, what exactly is rail biking? It is riding pedal-powered machines along railroad tracks that are now inactive. You will be exploring nature with your own physical power. The trail briefly opened last year during the holiday season, over the weekends. It is now all set to open for a whole season and you should make reservations soon. You will be able to choose between the "North Bridge Run" or "South River Run" the website states. Both routes offer amazing views so make your choice wisely.



The website reads: The North Bridge Run takes riders on a 7-mile out-and-back trip along the banks of the Hudson River briefly, through the beautiful Adirondack forest canopy, and then over the Hudson on a spectacular trestle bridge before turning for the return ride back to the launch point. It goes onto state that the newer route that was introduced in 2020, the South River Run, is a longer route. It takes riders south right out of the North Creek Railroad Station for an approximately 9-mile out-and-back trip. Riders on the South River Run hug the Hudson River shoreline and enjoy a number of incredible vistas of the Hudson River.



Each route will take approximately two to two and a half hours. So if you think you have gotten out of shape this year, don't worry, rail biking is accessible for nearly all ages, ability levels, and is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace anyway. The North Bridge Run has a slight uphill grade on the way out but a slight downhill grade on the way back. The South River Run offers more varied terrain. It is a team effort of two or four people so you won't be going through the labor alone either. As you will be outdoors, do ensure that you have protective coverings on to keep yourself safe from external conditions. 



Another route that is new is the Cape May run that takes riders from the heart of Cape May. It is a four-mile out-and-back trip alongside the Garrett Family Preserve. On all these rail bike trails you will be to have a fully immersive experience in nature. But in particular, on the Cape May trail, The Revolution Rail website states, that you can "enjoy the expansive native wildflower meadows and flora, as well as world-class viewing opportunities for migrating songbirds, raptors, and pollinators like bumblebees and monarch butterflies, made possible by the wonderful folks at The Nature Conservancy and the Garrett Family Preserve."



To book a ride, you can go here. Rides are available between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. A double bike for two people costs $70 per trip (plus fees) and a quad bike, which seats four, is $130. Make sure to check with the safety guidelines for riding on the rail bike in general as well as the COVID-19 precautions being taken.




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